Army of the Potomac

Army of the Potomac, MG George B. McClellan*

1st Corps, MG Joseph Hooker

   1st Division, BG Abner Doubleday
      1st Brigade, Col. Walter Phelps Jr.
      2nd Brigade, Lt. Col. J. William Hoffman
      3rd Brigade, BG Marsena R. Patrick
      4th Brigade, BG John Gibbon

   2nd Division, BG James B. Ricketts
      1st Brigade, BG Abram Duryee
      2nd Brigade, Col. William A. Christian
      3rd Brigade, BG George L. Hartsuff

   3rd Division, BG George G. Meade
      1st Brigade, BG Truman Seymour (part one, part two)
      2nd Brigade, Col. Albert L. Magilton
      3rd Brigade, Lt. Col. Robert Anderson

2nd Corps, MG Edwin V. Sumner

   1st Division, MG Israel B. Richardson
      1st Brigade, BG John C. Caldwell
      2nd Brigade, BG Thomas F. Meagher
      3rd Brigade, Col. John R. Brooke

   2nd Division, MG John Sedgwick
      1st Brigade, BG Willis A. Gorman
      2nd Brigade, BG Oliver O. Howard
      3rd Brigade, BG Napoleon J.T. Dana

   3rd Division, BG William H. French
      1st Brigade, BG Nathan Kimball
      2nd Brigade, Col. Dwight Morris
      3rd Brigade, BG Max Weber

4th Corps

   1st Division, MG Darius N. Couch
      1st Brigade, BG Charles Devens Jr.
      2nd Brigade, BG Albion P. Howe
      3rd Brigade, BG John Cochrane

5th Corps, MG Fitz John Porter

   1st Division, MG George W. Morell
      1st Brigade, Col. James Barnes
      2nd Brigade, BG Charles Griffin
      3rd Brigade, Col. Thomas Stockton

   2nd Division, BG George Sykes
      1st Brigade, Lt. Col. Robert C. Buchanan
      2nd Brigade, Maj. Charles S. Lovell
      3rd Brigade, Col. Gouverneur K. Warren

   3rd Division, BG Andrew A. Humphreys
      1st Brigade, BG Erastus B. Tyler
      2nd Brigade, Col. Peter H. Allabach

   Artillery Reserve, Lt. Col. William Hays

6th Corps, MG William B. Franklin

   1st Division, MG Henry W. Slocum
      1st Brigade, Col. Alfred T.A. Torbert
      2nd Brigade, Col. Joseph J. Bartlett
      3rd Brigade, BG John Newton

   2nd Division, MG William F. Smith
      1st Brigade, BG Winfield S. Hancock
      2nd Brigade, BG William T.H. Brooks
      3rd Brigade, Col. William H. Irwin

9th Corps, BG Jacob D. Cox

   1st Division, BG Orlando B. Willcox
      1st Brigade, Col. Benjamin C. Christ
      2nd Brigade, Col. Thomas Welsh

   2nd Division, BG Samuel D. Sturgis
      1st Brigade, BG James Nagle
      2nd Brigade, BG Edward Ferrero

   3rd Division, BG Isaac P. Rodman
      1st Brigade, Col. Harrison S. Fairchild
      2nd Brigade, Col. Edward Harland

   Kanawha Division, Col. Eliakim P. Scammon
      1st Brigade, Col. Hugh Ewing
      2nd Brigade, Col. George Crook

12th Corps, BG Joseph K.F. Mansfield

   1st Division, BG Alpheus S. Williams
      1st Brigade, BG Samuel W. Crawford
      3rd Brigade, BG George H. Gordon

   2nd Division, BG George S. Greene
      1st Brigade, Lt. Col. Hector Tyndale
      2nd Brigade, Col. Henry J. Stainrook
      3rd Brigade, Col. William B. Goodrich

Cavalry Division, BG Alfred Pleasonton

      1st Brigade, Maj. Charles J. Whiting
      2nd Brigade, Col. John F. Farnsworth
      3rd Brigade, Col. Richard H. Rush
      4th Brigade, Col. Andrew T. McReynolds
      5th Brigade, Col. Benjamin F. Davis

*-this order of battle is as of daybreak, September 17, 1862

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